The blonde haired boy

I wanted to post about this earlier, but now will have to do. May 22nd marked the second year of mine and Geoffrey's relationship. Being my first real relationship, it's still a bit hard to wrap my head around. I was usually the only friend in my "group" who wasn't dating anyone, and never really wanted to (I was a bit of a cynic) until I really started looking at my life. I met Geoffrey my freshman year of highschool and he was the sweetest person, always. When I did decide to date it seemed inevitable that it would be him. I'll post a few highlights of the past couple of years together. These may not all be pretty haha.
(My junior year of highschool and his senior. We're such babies here!)

I have allowed myself to let the stress of life bring me way down lately, and I've been too selfish to realized just how blessed I am. I would be miserable without my best friend. I've never had anyone treat me so wonderfully in my life. He's never said a cross word to me or about me, and when everyone you've ever had in your life did just that, you can't help but assume that God is reassuring me that there is someone here to love me unconditionally, even when I try to put distance between he and myself. He is not only my first love, but also my first real best friend and I'm so incredibly happy about that. Okay, so enough of the ooey gooey stuff for now;). Happy Anniversary, Geoffrey, I am truly blessed to be in your life and I can't wait for the coming years.

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