2012: In Review

While I feel like I didn't accomplish much in 2012, I may not have given myself enough credit. I changed the whole course of my future, and just because I'm not at the peak of my career yet doesn't mean I'm a failure, it makes me absolutely crazy for expecting so much from myself so soon! I learned so much this year about myself, life, love, and others.

I had a two year anniversary with the most amazing guy, and we're not far off from closing in on year three.:)

 I graduated hel-I mean high school. I tried college out, decided it wasn't right for me ( or at the moment).
Started a new job at the beginning of the year and have been working there consistently. Finally got my Mark II. Saw a major improvement in my photography, started a small (for now;)) photography business!

And I'm even getting back some of the confidence and courage to work on music again. Hopefully you'll see more of that this year. This year has mainly been a lot of decision making, hoping, working, and waiting. I can only hope 2013 has big things in store for me, and everything that has been pulling me down is released from my life. Thank you each and every reader that has ever subscribed, read on routine, or just stumbled across a post. It means so much to hear someone was inspired by my blog or seeing the growing amount of views each day. I appreciate you all! Never hesitate to leave your comments or questions. Stay tuned for a resolution post very soon, and I wish all of you a blessed new year!

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