Welcoming 2013

It's already that time to start making lists of goals, resolutions, and workouts that will be forgotten in a month or so. Now that being said, my first resolution on the list:

1. Stick to my resolutions. I always always quit or forget my yearly goals. I want that to be different this year. I deserve to be healthier, happier, and more successful.

2. Get Healthy. Usually my resolution is to lose weight, and while I won't complain when I do, I need to focus less on losing it and more on getting healthy again. The stress and fast food has really taken a toll on my body and skin, and this year I want to do whatever it takes to get into better shape. Eat healthy, cut back on sodas (AGH), get a gym membership, I want to be a totally different (better) person by the end of the year.

3. Devote more time to my faith. I've slacked off a lot lately about reading my bible and taking my problems to God before immediately turning to stress and anger. That absolutely has to change.

4. Become a better person (On the inside.) A new year means a chance for a new attitude. This year, I hope to make necessary changes for a positive mindset. Becoming healthier will contribute to this as well. But I have found that the main contributor to my negativity is my surroundings. Feeling trapped in a discouraging area can be pretty...discouraging. Most days, the inspiration is completely sucked out of me. There are many changes I can make to have a more positive outlook on life.

5. Keep my ambition.  It's too easy to lose ambition and inspiration when in the early stages of creating a business. There are many what ifs that continue to live in my head. What if I'm a year into my business and it still doesn't prosper. What if I don't gain new clients. What if I'm wasting all of my time on a business that will fail. Blah blah blah. Point is, it's pretty darn stressful. Hopefully I'll find ways to keep the hope fresh, and ambition strong.

6. Be Thankful. Even on the darkest days, when I feel like I'm alone and going nowhere, I am blessed beyond belief. I forgot that a lot last year. Life is wonderful. And mine is even more so. Amazing things happen to me, and so do awful ones. But of course, we tend to magnify the awful.

These are just a few resolutions I hope to keep. Goals are never ending, but if I type out everything in this post, I won't have fingers, and you won't have anything to read for the rest of the year. Have a wonderful 2013 and make it count.

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