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Today's post is quite different from usual, and about a topic that is unusual for me. I am not one well conditioned in the rituals of beauty, makeup, etc. BUT, I am a fan of makeup and learning new trades, so embrace the winds of change, people. Enjoy!

As an adolescent, makeup was (And can still be) a pretty foreign concept to me. After being home
schooled through my "changing" stage, I was faced with the dilemma of going to a new school, mid year, and no knowledge of makeup. (I was living with my dad at the time. The knowledge of makeup was mutual.) The remainder of the school year consisted of mineral foundation in a darker shade than my skin tone, light blush, and mascara. Simple, yet terribly flawed. High school in my previous hometown gave me a chance to start over again, still keeping it simple but choosing better shades...My battle with makeup is a story too long and boring to share, but long story short, I'm gaining interest and a want to improve my appearance. And that leaves us here with this small (not in price, mind you.) haul.

I was introduced to Sigma through some makeup tutorials on youtube. I am pretty tight when it comes to spending a lot on makeup materials, but I forced myself to just do it for me. Plus I had a coupon code for the brushes so that doesn't hurt.
The Kabuki was the first brush I knew I had to invest in. Of course I have makeup brushes for my eyes and cheeks, but I never gave foundation brushes a second thought. Big mistake. I love this brush, my makeup goes on so much smoother and the brush is firm, and while it's relatively new, it hasn't shed a bit. (My biggest brush pet peeve.) It's pretty great.
I was pleased with this brush as well, even though it plays a smaller role. It gives good coverage and blending for the most part.

Sorry I didn't get a very good picture of the brow brush by itself, but it's pictured above to the very left. It's a Sephora brush, and will be one of my favorites. I tend to neglect my eyebrows, but when I do fill them, I would use an eyeshadow brush. ( I know, I know. I learned.) A brow brush really makes all the difference.

The reason I purchased the cover up concealer was for highlighting purposes, but with my recent, random breakouts, it's very nice to have near. I love how thin it looks and feels going on, and a little really goes a long way.

This is what really got to me. I have never planned on spending this much for foundation, I usually cringe at drugstore prices a little. The curiosity and raving reviews finally got the best of me and I pushed the submit button before I could cringe one more time.
 I do really like the foundation. I usually mix it with a little moisturizer before applying it to my face to give an even lighter application. The color is nice and very close to my pasty skin tone, and while I don't view it as liquid gold, I am definitely pleased.
This picture was taken directly after I applied the foundation, concealer, and some blush. It was pretty bright, but you can still see how matched the colors are and the smooth coverage by both products. As far as my new products go, they will definitely be spared on the everyday basis and be used for outings and events.

Thank You for bearing through my first, slightly clumsy attempt to explain my meager knowledge of makeup. I will definitely add more as I gain new knowledge and products. Sorry for my random absence, but anything produced from dull times in my life will just be a waste of your time. Anyways, thanks as always for reading, hope you're having a great week! xoKatie

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