In one place for too long.

My life is encountering changes again. I have a love/hate relationship with change, sometimes it has worked in my favor and sometimes it has been a disaster. These changes are good, though. Even though I am an extremely fickle person when it comes to wanting change, yet craving the comfort of the normal, I am ready to embrace the change, and be happy in it. For good.

Sometimes, life can seem to be in a rut. Whether you're waiting or working for something, we all have those stale moments when it seems we are going nowhere. Something that is always overlooked in these moments, is time. We are so ready to envy where someone is in their life, while we fail to realize we have no reason to do so, being that we are usually at a different time in our own lives. I'd never really looked at it from a rational view point until talking to people who's lives I envied, just to find out they are envying someone else's.  It's so easy to fantasize about living someone else's life, but if you're always doing that, you'll be in the same position when you actually get to that place and get restless again.

There is nothing wrong with a little restlessness.  Just make sure it is for your own life, and that you are taking advantage of every moment. Remember where you are. Just because someone is more successful than you are right now, doesn't mean you are passing your prime. They may be older, in a different location, with different training or opportunities. This post is a reminder for myself, but I hope it makes you realize how wonderful your life is if you focus on the beauty of it, and stop comparing.
 Work toward your happiness, not someone else's.

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  1. I feel ya girl. Such a nice reminder to live OUR lives, not striving for someone elses.