Tobias| 3 Months

 Tobias is back on the blog! He actually turned 3 months the 3rd of this month, but I hadn't gotten around to taking pictures because of my schedule and the fact that he has become a camera dodger. He's gotten bigger, and chubbier.(Something I have to keep in control, despite the cuteness of a chubby puppy.) He's still extremely hyper a lot of the time except for sleepy mornings when he allows me to get my cuddle time in. He is slowly becoming more obedient, though potty training is still an ongoing process, consistency being a bit lacking as of late. Besides his need to bite everything and everyone, he is still a sweetheart when calm. Have a happy Tuesday! xoKatie.

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  1. He has grown so much and but nothing has changed about his cuteness! Love how adorable he is!