Oh, Deer.

 Sorry for the cliche name, but it really couldn't be avoided. I met this angel while riding along with my dad to work on his friend's truck. His friend, the endearingly nicknamed "Machine Gun Dave" (More on him later.), is approached by local game wardens when an animal is left without a mother or unable to survive on their own. This little guy will be a buck soon, but for now he is a puppy. He runs alongside Dave's dogs and runs up to you to be pet. Where I live, we see deer on a daily basis, but before this, I never got so close to one, let alone pet one like a puppy. We fed him pears from a tree in the yard for a snack, then I was able to bottle feed him, which was definitely a new experience. I want so bad to be licensed someday to be able to foster wild animals. Hopefully animals will be a big part of my future. Have a great week, lovely readers! xx

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