Waiting for Roman.

 11:36 P.M. It hit me. I was sitting in the passenger side of Geoffrey's truck with a pounding headache. He was taking me home from the hospital where my sister had been in labor all day, so I could get a nap and my migraine medicine before the baby came. I was lost in thought, as usual, thinking about the moment of Roman's birth. I had thought about the pregnancy a lot, taken many maternity pictures of my sister, and doted on my unborn nephew/ God son to friends and strangers, but it never sank in. I knew he was coming, but I didn't have a real, grounding realization. Until 11:36 P.M. I was going over the moment in my head. I was going to take pictures, so I wanted a game plan of sorts. I was picturing where my family would be standing, and inevitable emotion-filled shots of my sister and her fiance, then I felt almost in the moment. I would turn to where the doctor was positioned and he would be holding a tiny, crying life. Roman. I sunk a little farther in my truck seat as the realization hit, and mumbled, "It just sank in," to my confused boyfriend.

12:18 A.M. About ten minutes after I went to sleep, I got the call that my sister was dilated to a nine. I threw on my clothes and immediately rushed back to the hospital. Exhausted, and now nauseous from taking the migraine pills on an empty stomach, I was a shaking, nervous wreck. I was scared of so many things. Seeing my sister in that state, the responsibility of capturing it through shaky hands and teary eyes. I had never been so nervous to take pictures. It wasn't long until they called us into the room to start. I felt like I was going to faint. Luckily, adrenaline kicked in, and my body was none of my concern. It started as a terrifying experience. My sister's epidural stopped working when it was time to actually deliver, and it was a hard birth. So much tension in the room, scared for Roman, my sister. Myself and the mothers and grandmother held our breaths with my fighting sister.

2:23 A.M. My sister was in obvious pain, she pushed until she cried out. The room had a dead silent as tension rose in waiting. The doctor held Roman up, in victory and the silence was shattered with our sobs of joy. Such an amazing moment, as something terrifying and painful created the most beautiful and amazing, bonding moment. I snapped fiercely despite the shaking sobs, and we all exchanged looks of accomplishment. I've never seen my sister so strong, or respected her so much. We did a lot of waiting for Roman, but he was more than worth it, and I can't wait to share him with you.

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