Machine Gun Dave and Co.

Dave's house is a short distance from our road, so despite the bit of highway, my dad never turns down a ride on his new ranger. I must admit, being a bit drawn to recreational and, well all types of vehicles, I snapped a couple pictures. Back to Dave. Not only does he have a young buck, and a trio of lovable canines, he also has horses and chickens. He also has in his possesion a nice collection of automatics, an old Road Runner, Corvette, and Shelby Mustang that's drool-worthy. being at his house struck a chord of nostalgia in me.

When I was younger I often watched my dad do body work on vehicles of all kinds. Whether he was helping restore, or airbrushing murals, I loved it. (The best job being of a naked woman, sitting on a dragon with a sword covering her privates, of course.) I remember making plans to restore a car for my first vehicle. ( A '69 Dodge Charger, to be specific.) It was a nice time reliving some of my old interests, and I still hope to learn to airbrush soon. Happy Monday. xx

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