I love watching what affects humanity. I am endlessly fascinated by what twists people so much that they break. Of course, it's not pleasant, especially when you really open your eyes. You find that the flaws in humanity aren't always obvious or life and death, but very existent in our everyday lives. The more that I have pursued starting a business on my own, the more these flaws show themselves, and they're not easy to spot in the least. Some flaws wear a smile and drown you with a downpour of compliments, some offer a helping hand, some try to take you under their wing. No matter how "kind" the beholder is, it always ends with you knocked down again. It's one of the hardest parts of this process for me. I like to think people want to be my friend for me, are truly genuine, and once they get what they want, whether it be work, advice, what have you, they're fine to return back to themselves. I'm not one to invest, but I don't want the bad to outweigh the  good. A huge component is also the fact that I live in such a weird area, where there are some really ambitious people, but there are so many who make it their life goal to keep others from succeeding. It sounds dramatic and over exaggerated, but if you ask some of the other ambitious individuals, they will tell you the exact thing.

I hear promising comments, such as Once you get into a new area, it's a whole new world, and It will be easier when you start working for new people you've never met. I really hope it's true. The worst part is that there is no way to anticipate when the next mental attack will happen, I can only hold on to my hope for humanity.

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