The Place

It has occurred to me that amidst my here and there blogging, I failed to mention that my wedding will be June 14th...of this year. Two weeks. It's completely crazy and scary pulling a wedding together in a little under two months, but it's also amazing to see what we accomplish when we put our minds to it. (Geoffrey's coaxing and reassurance, of course.) It will be an intimate family wedding, but being that our families are rather large, we still have our work cut out for us.
We have had the location in mind for awhile and have been hoping that it would work out. We knew it would be somewhere on Geoffrey's family farm. Our first choice seemed out of reach, but is becoming more certain everyday. I did some scouting around the time of our ceremony for our photographer and hope the light is as dreamy as it was this day. It seems like my posts as of late have been kind of crazed and all over the place, I guess that's how things are right now, but I will definitely have a lot to say when things calm down and we settle into our new life together in a new town (For me). So scary!


  1. This makes me giddy. I am so excited for you both. That location looks dreamy and regardless of how good the light looks, you will be married and you will be one and that is the most beautiful thing anyone could ask for :)

  2. What a gorgeous spot! You are one amazing gal, pulling together a wedding in two months! I can't wait to see pictures of your big day!