October 2014

//SIDE 1
//SIDE 2

I have been itching to get a spread finished for months, but I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. It was surprisingly difficult for me, considering I'm not very familiar with scrapbooking in the first place. I have been saving my Studio Calico kits for months, trying to stock up on material, and I still don't have everything I need as far as tools. (Stamp pads,paper cutter, etc.) It also challenged my indecisiveness, I probably stared at the spread for a couple of hours before getting a quarter of the way finished. But all in all, I felt accomplished just completing it. It's not the best layout, but it's the first completed one, so I'll cut myself some slack. Luckily, I feel like I got over the starting slump, and now I'm more prepared and ready to start working on more spreads!
P.S. I haven't decided if I will show or blur the journaling cards yet, it will probably depend on the personal level.

The majority of this spread is using Studio Calico's The Underground Kit.
As I acquire more supplies/kits, I'm sure I will start losing track, and mixing them together, but if you're curious about an item, I will do my best to remember where it came from. Studio Calico also has a Past Kits section that shows every item available with each kit, considering that is where I get most of my supplies. I highly recommend their subscriptions if finding supplies overwhelms you, or you don't have the time. Each month you get a month's supply sent to you, and the kits have never disappointed yet!

The standard way to approach Project Life is weekly, and while I hope to do that in the future, there is simply not enough that I could document right now, or keep up with when I have tons to document. I plan to just document events as they happen. This has been a pretty big year for me, and I don't want to put off documenting those moments because I can't keep up. Eventually, hopefully sooner, I hope to switch to the "monthly spreads", when one spread accounts for a whole month. Only time and events will tell.


  1. This looks so good Katie! I think you did an awesome job. And what an amazing thing for you to have to look back on :)
    I really look forward to seeing these as you get around to them.

    Also, it's random but I really like the curved edges, gives it kind of a vintage feel :) xx

    1. Thank you! It's oddly overwhelming and therapeutic at the same time, but I love the outcome. I hope to keep at it often, thanks for the interest! :)