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With the impending move in the future, I have been looking for inspiration in hopes for decorating more than I did here. (Which means any decor, really.) We could be hours or days away from our current location, but nonetheless, this gives me the opportunity to really downsize and do away with my sentimental tendencies. Starting with wardrobe, I really want to get back to the point where I have basics and then a few special occasion pieces. As far as decor goes, it's very likely we will be in another apartment, which means limits on decorating. Minimalist pieces are great to make a dull place classy with less items. There is also the space issue, so compact and floating shelves are a great solution. 
Inspiration for decor is anew, so Pinterest has made it's way back into my life. Have any tips for tight living spaces or decorating apartments while keeping your security deposit?

Happy Thursdayxx


  1. With a potential move in our future, Zach and I have been donating things left and right. Minimalistic living has become incredibly appealing to us, especially with a tiny apartment in our future. On the subject of decorating an apartment, I cannot say command hooks enough!! They don't work for everything, but it sure beats trying to fill a nail hole with toothpaste. (Thanks for the awful idea, buzz feed. haha) As far as shelving goes, they have really gorgeous ladder shelves that I'm obsessing over right now that aren't those bulky traditional book case and really give that feeling of open face shelving. I'm a fan. Also, that closet is awe worthy. You might also ask your land lord what exactly their stand on wall decor is. Some don't mind a nail hole or two, in my experience!

    1. Ideally, I'd love to rent a small house, but I'm praying for a lenient landlord! I will definitely look into the ladder shelving!