At this time of year, I'm done with winter. I'm tired of the cold and standstill. Being a full time creative can be difficult when you have off seasons or months that you only have one shoot. It feels like I am not productive enough, or wasting time. As I say these things, it's usually around the time that every thing is thrown into fast forward again, and I await the simple times once more. Which I am okay with. I love exerting myself socially for a couple of days a week and then retreating to the cave to edit. I love overcoming obstacles that I don't think are possible for me. I love not clocking in every morning and watching the clock all day. I love that high after the nerves of a wedding subside and I completed it, but maybe not as much as when I hear back from a happy bride. I am such a comfort zone junkie that I never thought I would do something that scared me and continues to scare me for my career, but I love it. 
I love the simple and alone, but I can't wait to push myself. Today I am making the longest car trip by myself yet, to meet a lovely couple, gush about their wedding, and explore their city for engagement photos. I am so excited and nervous and I love it
Happy Wednesday.


  1. I love this so much! I can relate on so many levels! I have to really push myself to not be such a homebody sometimes! I always get so anxious when it's showtime, but afterwards I'm always so excited and I can't wait to do it again! <3 I hope you're having a safe trip! I can't wait to see what you capture this time!
    xo, Emma

    1. That's exactly how I feel. It's scary, but amazing. <3

  2. When we take a step forward in spite of our nerves, the adrenaline rush is exhilarating. 5 state long drives of nerves means the production of some amazing images. Looking forward to seeing them!

  3. I was surprised at how many emotions photographing brings out, but it furthers the feeling of accomplishment when something is complete. xx

  4. Ah, firstly, your pup is gorgeous!
    Secondly, yay for loving what you're doing! I'm so happy for you :)