22 WEEKS// Changes

 It's scary sometimes, just how different your life can be in a short amount of time, just how much can change. A week ago we were making arrangements to live in another state, where we would welcome our little girl. This week, we are looking at places right here, where we will welcome our little boy into the world. That's right, a second opinion revealed a pretty big detail at this week's ultrasound. While difficult to adjust quickly, I am thankful for these changes. I went to my appointment nervous, just needing to hear my baby's heartbeat. I was supposed to be feeling movement by now, and the fact that I couldn't tell led me to terrible conclusions. When I saw my baby move, relief rushed over me, and the knots in my stomach released, allowing me to be completely vulnerable when the doctor exclaimed that it was most definitely of the male persuasion. All I could do was laugh, so relieved, so full of love for what seemed like a new baby. Change has been the only constant for us, and it's daunting at times, not knowing if the next one will be positive or not. For now, I am grateful.

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