28 WEEKS// Hello, third trimester!

 We're finally here! The weeks continue to blur together as I realize it's probably time to pick out a name or crib or something. I haven't noticed many changes lately until I looked at these photos and blurted, "Holy crap, my stomach!" I haven't felt that I have truly looked pregnant until now. I always noticed women in all stages of obvious pregnancy and felt that I just looked like I put on unwanted weight. It's pretty obvious now at 7 months. I am still wearing my normal clothes, with the exception of the shirt in these photos. I bought a belly band for my pants early on in an attempt to avoid buying maternity clothes, and I am still making it work even though it's uncomfortable. I may have to buy a few more maxi dresses to make it through the fall months. Speaking of which, I am so excited for fall weather. After feeling hot and uncomfortable all the time, I know it will be the perfect refresher to help push me through these last few months.

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