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Just a few changes have happened since my last update. ;) 

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was getting pretty antsy to get that baby out. We were going on a lot of walks and even a good hike. I stuck to my guns about avoiding all of the little "Induction" tricks, no matter how tempting. One night Thatcher was sitting on my lap while I read to him and I got that "Peed on myself, but not really" sensation, so I got up quickly, sure that my water had broke. I was a little nervous but more than anything, relieved, only to discover Thatcher had just leaked out of his diaper and peed on my lap haha. It would be another two weeks or so before I actually went into labor. (Naturally this time, thank god.) 
We soaked up the last weeks of it just being the three of us, taking Thatcher to the nature center and doing things that I could handle physically. As ready as I was for the baby to come, I was also dreading what it would do to mine and Thatcher's relationship. I knew distance was possible and I didn't want him to feel left out. 
On June 12th we finally met Wren and I was thrown back into that newborn fog and all of it's emotions and challenges. (More on that later.) The transition was definitely more difficult this time around, because we both have a kid to wrangle at all times. Thatcher was a little distant in the hospital, probably more from the unfamiliar setting, but he was back to his old self when we went home. 
After a couple weeks at home, we decided to make a trip home to see family. We took Thatcher to the creek where he threw rocks to his content, while Wren napped in the shade. It was a treat for me as well to actually sit in the sun and watch them play.
We are passed that one month mark now and the fog is clearing, so there are less tears and more normalcy. That feeling of overwhelming love and joy is present when I watch Wren sleep or when Thatcher holds her hand and giggles. Overall I'm grateful.

One more change you may have noticed is that I'm back to my original blog. In the midst of a confusing time, I made a lapse in judgement to merge personal and business so that I could devote all my time to one cause and not limit myself. The problem was that it had the opposite effect. I stopped writing personally and had to ask myself if posts were professional enough. (When I should have been asking if a potential client really cares about my current beauty routine, reading lists, or a million photos of my babies.) Blogging has become a business, and that's not why I started. I'm upset that I didn't record tidbits of everyday life during the personal hiatus, because this may be the only way I remember them. Anyway, enough about my oversights (Once again.) and back to why I really started blogging: Because I love it and it's a great outlet and one day I'll look back and laugh at how ridiculous I sounded or cry at how fast my kids seemed to grow. Thank you for continuing to read. 

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