review|saint + sinner palette

It was love at first sight with this palette. I decided to go with it as a birthday present. I felt a little excessive getting a third palette, considering I'm not out and about very often right now, but it's so different from my other two that it was justifiable.
This isn't a palette that I will always use to create a complete look, but I love that it has added a huge amount of new colors to my arsenal to really spice up my everyday looks. I love the color range and variety of shades and types. There are mattes, shimmers, toppers, etc. I've never used a shadow topper, and I fell in love with absolution. It just adds a gorgeous shimmer to any look.
I love this palette, and the shadows are high quality and gorgeous. If you have a wide variety of shades or ones similar to these, it's not a must-buy, but if you're like me and always stick to neutrals and want to change things up a bit without buying a ton of eyeshadow, this is a great option. I'm really looking forward to creating some new, colorful looks, and hopefully get around to sharing some. xx

Brow Bone: Amen
Transition Shade: Martyr 
Outer Corner: Crucifix
Lid: Chalice
Topper: Absolution
 (It had faded a bit, and wasn't showing up very well in these photos.It's very shimmery in person.)

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