wrenyn| five months

Once again, I can't believe we're here already. It goes by so much faster with two kids. Wren is adding more shades to her personality of giggling and grumpiness. Her new favorite hobbies are blowing raspberries, scratching things, pulling hair, and blood-curdling screams of joy. She's become a pro at grabbing things and tries to knock everything out of my hands. She loves songs, and her favorites are usually Thatcher's favorites that I sing to make him laugh. One of my favorite things is laying them side by side while doing double diaper duty, so I can make them both laugh and they can interact. 
She's still a Momma's girl, showing early signs of stranger danger, but will allow others to hold her once she warms up to them. She still hates travel, but we can go to town without her screaming bloody murder, so there have been improvements. I can tell we're going to have another tall one on our hands, she is outgrowing her clothes as fast as Thatcher did. Sometimes she is still her grumpy self, and needs constant attention, but she is also becoming equally as happy. Her smile is my favorite and her laugh melts me. I'm thankful to experience them often. 

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