Dawson Hollow just released their debut album and it's so good! Check them out here.


Outlander Season 3. I had a lot of ambivalence for season. It had a strong start, but went downhill fast for me ....after episode 2 or 3. I just felt like they rushed over some really good parts of the book, and spent forever on instances that were less interesting in my opinion. The foreshadowing was insulting, the love scenes were too dominant and cheesy as hell, and the casting was disappointing. (Also, I just watched Downton Abbey and Godless and now I wish Michelle Dockery was cast as Claire so bad.) I thought I might still be biased, but I promise I'm not a very biased person, and after running my thoughts by Geoffrey he thought they were justified, and he hadn't read the book. I will still watch and hope for the best, but this season had too many instances that I said, "This is so stupid." So...

Mindhunter. A fascinating and disturbing take on a small team of FBI agents trying to get inside the twisted minds of serial killers.

Downton Abbey. It took me forever to watch this, and I really liked it. I love period pieces and it was more entertaining than I thought it may be.

Godless. This was an okay show. There were things I didn't like and then things I really loved.

The Last Jedi. After the premiere I awoke to high ratings from critics, then after wide release they were cut down, so I didn't know what to expect when I finally saw it. I overall enjoyed it. Like I said, I'm not a biased person, so I didn't think it ruined my childhood like some people are claiming. But I do understand the problems and why people didn't like it. It was much too long, and I thought whole storylines should have been cut out. It had a lot of potential that was hindered by pointless filler for some character development that still didn't make me care more about those characters. But bad aside, the action scenes were great, the cinematography was wonderfully executed, the score was beautiful and immersive, the settings were gorgeous, and there were great moments of character development that needed more time.

what i want to watch.

So many movies I am dying to see.
The Shape of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 
I, Tonya
The Disaster Artist


Return to Arkham: Arkham Asylum. I've been playing Arkham Knight off and on for a while after I finally picked it up, and needing a break from the horrible cobra tanks, we got the Return to Arkham . I'd played Arkham City before but not Asylum, and I'm almost done with it. These games are amazing. I love everything about them. (Except maybe all the tank battles, but I'll live with them.)

golden globes 2018.
There were many great looks this year, but I loved all of the support for the Times Up movement. There was so much love for everyone, and the interviews (Where I watched) were about more than what they were wearing and more about their projects and activism.

I hope you had a great week, and that Monday is kind!xx

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