wrenyn| seven months

This time around hurts more. Now I have two babies growing so quickly, and time with Wren has been going by so quickly as of late. As hard as the baby stage is, I'll be so sad when it goes. She's getting more vocal and excitable. We've had a bit of a rough stint with a random case of thrush that has caused more fussiness and less sleep, so I'm hoping that goes away really soon. She's just now getting to the point where she stops spitting solid food out, but that could also be caused by the thrush. She's still growing like crazy, but thankfully staying little chubby. It's still hard to tell what her eye color will be, but Geoffrey thinks they might be turning green like his. Speaking of which, she is a major daddy's girl already, which is a little too soon after pregnancy and birth ;).
She's the prettiest little thing and I'm anxious to see her personality form in these coming months. She's already funny and if she's anything like her brother, they'll be too much.

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