Fighting for balance. Trying to eat healthier. Drink more water.

Exercise has gone from a dreadful chore to a daily necessity for my body and mind.

I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with social media and trying to protect myself from the ones that can be harmful to my mental health and creativity.

Finally working more with my hands! Scrapbooking and DIY projects for the kiddos, both of which I will share eventually.

My favorite design blog made an updated post on large, inexpensive engineer prints. I will eventually get around to ordering some.

And speaking of design, the Magnolia instagram shared photos from a recent Fixer Upper house a while back, and I'm still obsessed.

I've been loving Into The Gloss, the blog associated with Glossier. I love finding new natural options and seeing the insides of celebrities makeup cabinets. Here are some favorites of Emma Watson.

Starting to brainstorm about organizing my wardrobe, and getting lots of inspiration from minimalistic style blogs, like these 1/2/3

Getting back to my inspiration roots with conceptual photography. Photo is by the talented Kristen Hatgi.


A Ghost Story. Welp, this was a movie. The best way I can describe it is watching beautiful paint dry. It's nice to look at, but you're still watching paint dry. Beautiful, pretentious paint.


Finished both Arkham Knight and Asylum, and now playing Arkham City a bit here and there, but I got the need to play mostly out of my system, so it will probably be something I visit now and again. And at the risk of sounding like a real Batman freak, I've also been playing the latest Telltale Season The Enemy Within. I've loved Telltale since their first season of The Walking Dead, and I like the liberties they take with their version of the universe. It's almost odd interacting as Bruce Wayne more than Batman.

Love looking at this blog, partly for her fashion, but mostly to live vicariously through her locations.

I hope February has been kind so far.xx


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