wrenyn| eight months

My baby girl is eight months old! Things are getting better and better for us as we approach warmer weather and Wren has had a break from growth spurts and random baby troubles, which means much more laughing and less crying (On both of our parts.). It's also nice to see more of her personality, which was hard when she was crying or sleeping most of the time. She's so sweet and funny and has started giving her little baby hugs, where she just leans into you really hard. Her giggles are absolutely infectious and when she gets excited she shakes all over or hits whatever is in her closest proximity. She's trying so hard to crawl now, and is across the room in seconds when she starts rolling. I can't believe I will have two mobile toddlers this summer!  

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  1. Wow! She's changed so much in the last month. Look at all that hair! <3