The perks of being a flower shop girl.

 You guys, things are really good right now.

Dress // Thrifted
Boots // Minnetonka

I am pleasantly surprised. You see, I have a problem with commitment, so much that I get anxiety from it. When I start a new job, I always get anxious and try to find ways out of it, don't invest myself personally, and slave like no other to make up for it. I am working full time, ten hour days and I am actually liking it. Usually that would kill me. I would feel like I was losing so much time, and while its not the most fun I've ever had, it feels good, and I am super ambitious again. I also feel like my photography is taking a good step. I survived my first summer of it, and I am truly proud of what I produced for the short time I've been at it. People are starting to gain confidence in my future, and I am now, too. It's crazy what cards we're dealt when God knows exactly what we need. For now, I don't want to fixate on the what if's of the future. I want to take what I have now and enjoy and learn to live with my situation and better appreciate what comes later.

I fell in love with this dress when I found it and had to take advantage of what little summer was left to wear it. The flowers are perks of my job, it hurts me to see them thrown away, but I'm told the novelty will wear off soon enough. I may be back to random posts again, but quality is better than quantity, right? Ill still be around pretty often. In the meantime, I'll be a working and editing fool, spending too much anxiety over Breaking Bad. (Don't leave me, Bryan Cranston!)



  1. Katie, I seriously doubt you could be any more beautiful! Wow! Can I be a flower girl too? So lovely! I adore these outfit posts you do!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely not glamorous, but I get pretty excited for take-homes haha.