I'm Katie, a wife, mother, and photographer. If I've learned anything, it's that love is most important and I am incredibly fortunate to have so much of it in my little family.

I believe in

+pursuing what makes you happy
+working hard and prioritizing 
+being your embarrassing, wonderful self
+always learning, never closing your mind
+substance in relationships, conversation, and creations
+laughter. it truly is the best medicine. and defense mechanism.
+knowing when you have a good thing

This blog is where I store photos, memories, and thoughts as they exist currently. It's beautiful to revisit old times, and to see myself grow in every way possible. It started as a girl who needed a good vent every once in a while, to a wife and now mother who watches her children grow with each post. Whether I post rarely or regularly, I intend to keep documenting our journey.