My very first impression of Too Faced was their absolutely adorable packaging. I needed a new blush, so I decided to try their Love Flush blush in the shade Baby Love. I tend to lean toward coral blushes and still have a couple of good ones, so I wanted to go with a deeper rose color. If you start a new account, you get 20 % off of your first purchase online as well as some samples, so the choice was obvious.

The blush looks coral in these photos due to the lighting and editing, but you can find the more accurate color on the website. I also recommend seeing all makeup in person if you have the chance. I checked this at Sephora when trying to make a decision. 
Like I said, the packaging is gorgeous, even the mailing box. The color is beautiful, and goes on really well. It's not too pigmented from what I can tell so far. I sometimes go a little too heavy handed with blush when I get used to using a drugstore one, and then end up with crazy cheeks when using a high end product. This one is not the most pigmented one that I have, but it's still good to start with caution and build. 

My order included two samples, a primer and mascara. I am waiting to use the primer, but the mascara is good. I usually stick to drugstore mascara due to the shelf-life, but I'm trying to find a good cruelty-free one, so the options are definitely more limited.
I had a good first impression, and I actually placed another order for the Sweet Peach palette, so I hope I am not disappointed.

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