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 My interest in this brand started when they released their "Blur Stick" primer. I was trying to move away from using foundation as much and I thought it would be a great skin finisher. I got a little side-tracked on that front and pregnancy wrecked my skin, but I'm trying to simplify again, spend more on less, and finally get that less-is-more-look.

The first product that I am really interested in is the Matte Bronzer. It's a cream bronzer stick, which looks more natural than powders. It's so creamy that you can blend it out quickly with your fingers, and it shouldn't look harsh. This will most likely be the replacement for my current contour products that I won't repurchase, Hoola and a Revlon foundation stick for a cream contour. The other great thing is that my Revlon stick is .2 oz and has lasted forever, and this one is 2 oz, so it's not a bad value either.

The Lip + Cheek stick is a multipurpose cream stick that you can use as a lipstick or blush. I like that kind of simplicity.

 Cooling Water is a skin treatment that claims to soothe and energize skin. I'm interested in this to help with redness and dullness if I don't wear foundation.

The Blur Liquid Matte Foundation is supposed to blur pores and provide full coverage while being light on the skin. I hate heavy foundations, so I would definitely be interested in trying this out for special occasions or bad skin days.

Face Gloss  is probably the most unnecessary product, but one that I was interested in right away. It can be used all over the face, but I am mostly interested in using it for that wet look on the eyes.

floral photos via: DesignLoveFest

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